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WIL Functions

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WinBatchÒ is an application which uses the Windows Interface Language (WIL) to automate Windows and Windows applications. WinBatch controls Windows, Windows applications, and network connections. There are over 500 functions available to help you get the job done -- what would take pages of code in other languages is often taken care of by a single WIL function.


Your WinBatch scripts can be run in many different ways, including clicking on an icon or choosing from a popup menu.


image\wizard_shg.gifThere are several utilities included with WinBatch to help automate your system, including a Dialog Editor that lets you design custom user interfaces for your scripts without tedious coding.


The optional "WinBatch+Compiler" lets you compile your applications into .EXE files and distribute them to anyone you want, royalty-free -- great for network system administrators.


image\newbie_shg.gifWe've included a Step by step guide to learning WIL so you can get started right away. See the WIL Tutorial in the Windows Interface Language Help file.