This section is applicable only if you purchased WinBatch+Compiler. This is NOT a "shareware" software product. The Compiler is a separate product and is NOT included in the purchase of WinBatch, the single-user version. If you would like additional information on the Compiler and its capabilities, please call Customer Service.


Because WinBatch+Compiler includes both WinBatch and the WinBatch Compiler, registered users of WinBatch can always upgrade to WinBatch+Compiler at a special price.


The WinBatch Compiler can change a WinBatch .WBT file into any one of the following:

No royalties of any kind are required for distribution of any file created by this compiler.




How the Compiler Works

Compiler Installation

Compiler Usage

Batch Compile

Network Considerations




UAC Facts

Application Manifests

Code Signing


Command Line Parameters