IntControl 65


IntControl (65, p1, 0, 0, 0)


Sets maximum line length for FileRead.

p1  Meaning

-1 Don't change (just return current setting)

-2 Smart size (default)

0 Don't buffer file reads - max line length limited by generic
buffer (currently 1280 bytes)

## Any other positive value specifies the actual buffer size. (default is 4096).


This function specifies the maximum length of a line which can be read using the FileRead function, in bytes. This is also the number of bytes which are buffered internally with each file read operation. The default is 4096. You can specify a value of 0, in which case file reads are not buffered internally, and the maximum line length is 1280 bytes (although this number is subject to change).

This IntControl affects subsequent FileOpen commands, and has no effect on files which are already open.

Returns previous setting.