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WinBatch is the Windows desktop automation solution -- take nearly anything your computer can do, and assign it to a simple menu selection, command or hotkey. We've put the power of a complete programming language at your fingertips, so you can create simple, useful applications like a utility that prints files overnight -- but we've made it easy enough for quick-and-dirty, everyday solutions, like typing "Sincerely, Mary Smith" whenever you hit a hotkey. And with our WinBatch+Compiler, you can compile your applications into .EXE files and distribute them to anyone you want, royalty-free -- great for network system administrators.


Technical support is available for registered users. If you can't find what you're  looking for, or you're having problems with your WIL scripts, be sure to look at the notes section, which has solutions to many of the problems you're likely to encounter.



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Help Files

Consolidated WIL Help Explained   



  • Getting Started


Windows Interface Language

  • Getting Started

  • Tutorial

  • Things to know


WinBatch Studio

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Reference Guides

Here are some links that you might find useful.  Locating help files.


  • Windows Interface Language Reference

  • WinBatch Users Guide

  • IntControls

  • Dialog Editor